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Hello everyone, its story time!


So the story goes that quarter of a century ago, a princess was born in the dead cold winter time. It was February to be specific.

All her subjects were so excited at her arrival only to realize, this princess was a little different. She liked to stare at things even from her crib, with big brown wondering eyes. She was curious and aware and endlessly fascinated by the world she beheld. 

She was also a bit of a mess, clumsy and prone to getting grass stains all over her pretty dresses (her mum was not pleased). She chased after bugs, made mud pies, planted flowers, and was far more interested in the National Geographic on television than the Sunday morning cartoons.


how i wish i was a punk-rocker with flowers in my hair…




As she grew, so too did her imagination and wonder. There seemed no end to what the universe had to offer her! She had been born into an endless ongoing adventure which was happening all around her. She was damned if she was going to be left out of making the most of it too. 


Well 25 years later, I must admit that nothing much has changed on that front. I still believe life is one big adventure. The film maker in me sees the over reaching story arc, the big story, as being made up of episodic experiences and exploits. 

Adventures in adventures, adventurception!


So I welcome you all now to my website where I’ll be posting about my life and experiences.

What you will find here will include a bit of everything such as:

  • Travel tips, stories and reviews
  • Food related topics like recipes and the cool little eateries I discover
  • Fashion on the go: after all, a girl’s gotta look good while going about on epic escapades right?
  • Random things I find interesting or stories I would like to share


Professionally speaking, I am a film maker, photographer, writer, (occasional) jewelry designer and an over all artsy type.

I am also a collector of many things, some of which include:

  • Books with lovely hard bound/leather covers
  • Post cards
  • Shells, rocks and sea glass
  • Stationary (papers, letter heads, art supplies, pens etc)
  • Vintage decorative items

1 Response to (About ME) The Misfit

  1. Zia says:

    Some girl we have for a daughter. But all that has been said up there is true to the last letter (and spirit). Sky is the limit … go for it girl!

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