So all creators have an inspiration. Maybe many inspirations.

And this post is going to list out some of mine, especially on Youtube and Instagram.

The idea for this post came to me while I was spending the weekend in a quaint little hill town called Murree and it gets dark pretty early so I had time to make it back to my hotel room and spend a few hours reconnecting and catching up on posts from the travel content creators I adore. It was really fun to catch up with them, as if meeting up with old friends to see how they are doing and where they are now.

Why am I making this list? Well, three reasons:

  1. I wanted to highlight that what I do, travel blogging, didn’t come out of nowhere. I had a Eureka moment fueled by endless nights sacrificed to the alter of social media browsing. I found content creators that at first piqued my curiosity and then pushed me to get up off my computer chair and actually go see the things they were showing in their videos for myself.
  2. To encourage you to have heroes instead of envy. I want you to want to do this, whatever your THIS may be. I want you to know that I am still in awe of these amazing people. I am still learning as I am sure they too are learning from their heroes.
  3. And finally, About two months back, one of my all time favorite travel channels lost three amazing people in an accident. I am not trying to be dramatic when I say it felt like a personal loss, even though I had never met these people in person. High On Life is a channel that I credit for being instrumental in my own journey. Its strange to think I wont see Ryker, Alexey or Megan in my Youtube feed anymore. I just want to take stock of all the amazing creators that I genuinely love.


So here are my lists of digital heroes in alphabetic order:

  • Casey Neistat

Casey is an artist. He is a filmmaker, camera aficionado, creative genius, hyperactive….I could go on adding adjectives. Just go check him out, seriously!


  • Brook Saward

She has the most calm demeanor and makes me feel so so happy whenever I watch her videos. She seems super genuine and earnest and like she truly loves what she does. Go watch her for wholesome feel-good vibes


  • Destination Tips

A simple list style channel with lots of bite sized yet relevant and useful information. I like checking them out before planning a trip when I know where I’m going because they have destination specific tips and targeted videos. Easy to consume and not pretentious.


  • Elena Taber

Elena is gorgeous. Yes. She is absolutely beautiful. Her channel is travel and lifestyle so more about the life of a traveler instead of just the travel bit, which I personally really enjoy. Her videos are super aesthetically pleasing and always make me happy.


  • Hey Nadine

An icon in the travel Youtube community, Nadine is one of the first people to start making travel related content and shes never let up. The consistency and quality of her work leaves no doubt as to why shes such a success. Go watch her and learn something because I know I do every time I head on over.


  • High On Life

Crazy group of people always having the wildest adventures. The tragic loss of Ryker, Alexey and Megan has seen such an amazing outpouring of love online. I am making the post now because these guys just posted a video saying they will keep up the great work in honor of their fallen friends. And I find that hella inspiring.


  • Mark Wiens

If food is why you want to travel then Mark is your inspo guy. His entire channel is about food around the world. And when I say around the world? He’s been EVERYWHERE!


  • Mikey Chen

Another channel for the love of food and travel! I love this man. He is so so funny and his Asian food reviews are awesome! He also does airplane food reviews which I love as well.


  • Psycho Traveller

Aly’s is a no nonsense straightforward advice and vlog channel. I love how honest she is and how good she is at compiling information to make the most interesting videos. Shes not about the fancy bells and whistles but the content itself which is something I truly appreciate. A lot of her videos focus on budgets which is essential if you want to be travelling long term.


  • Sorelle Amore

Sorelle is quite possibly one of my favorite humans on this planet. She has the best energy and her darker visual Aesthetic really aligns with what I like. Shes an artist who puts a lot of thought into her work and has created what has come to be known as the #AdvancedSelfie. A lot of her work is about self love, something I can totally get behind.


  • VagaBrothers

Another pair of legendary travel Youtubers, Alex and Marko have been travelling and vlogging for years. They have one of the most interesting and comprehensive channels on Youtube. They have the personality and the looks and the experience. If you want to follow just one travel channel, these are the guys!


And there you have it.

I absolutely love every single one of these people/channels and I watch them all the time. These are people that put experience behind their content. Watching them makes me happy and inspires me constantly.

I hope you will check them out and maybe find your own travel hero!