Many people have heard me rant about my “30 before 30” list. It’s mentioned on my Instagram as well as occasionally pops up on my Youtube.

I think its time I finally explain….


I realized earlier this year that I’m about to turn 30 in about two years. This was shocking.

When did I get so old???

My mental and physical health issues have impacted my life in a way I hadn’t realized till this moment:

Lost time.

I’ve lost so much time being unwell that’s I did not realize how much I haven’t been able to do. I’ve always had big dreams, so much I wanted to see ad accomplish.

And somehow I thought I would have time.

That’s our biggest flaw as humans, we think we have time when any moment could be our last. We fool ourselves into thinking we can hibernate indefinitely and we would still have a life left after we emerge.

All this was swirling in my head as my 28th birthday approached. I fixated on the idea that there was so much left to do.

And so I decided to take action.

I drafted out a list of 30 things I want to accomplish/experience/do/create before I turn 30 years old in 2020.

My birthday came and went and I got started on my list.

At first it was a bit overwhelming. When faced with 30 items on a To-Do list, you’re bound to feel like you are in over your head. What have I gotten myself into? Have I bitten off more than I can chew?


I was tempted to give up but that was just like old times, just like all the years that have passed. The point was to change and make a better life before it’s too late.


So I decided accountability was key. I started to tell people about my plans and my list. The more people knew, the more of them would ask me how I was progressing. This forced me to focus and really start working towards my goals.

I also reminded myself that even though people now knew of my list, it was still MY list and that I had control of this project.

This was MY life I was trying to change and improve for MY sake. This was for me.

With accountability (and not as much pressure) I set a tentative plan.

I broke down the things on my list into categories with the help of my friend Brian. His outside perspective provided just the kind of clarity I couldn’t achieve since the list was so personal. I was too close to the project. He helped me sort out the items into a logical order that made pursuing them easier.

So below I have added my list and this is making it really public because…internet.

I’ll post an update on this list again on my upcoming birthday. And I’ll add in what I’ve achieved so far in front of each item below.


  1. Become a published writer (I’ve already been featured as a contributor to two publications, working towards a book)
  2. Learn to speak Spanish
  3. Join and be active in an environmentalist group
  4. Create more art (I’ve started ink work and watercolors again)
  5. Understand how taxes and other financial things work
  6. Have $25000 in my account (I’ve become a more conscious shopper and barely go to malls/markets anymore and I don’t miss it)
  7. Grow healthy hair all the way down to my waist (been on Biotin and taking good care of my hair)
  8. Be more of a minimalist (This is an ongoing process and I make progress on this bit by bit everyday)
  9. Learn to pirouette again (because its a beautiful movement)
  10. Incorporate gym and fitness into my everyday life, make it a lifestyle choice (I started and have been going to the gym regularly for a few months now and I feel like its been the biggest improvement on my quality of life)
  11. Get a driving licence (took classes, got me a learners and not I am practicing)
  12. Work on taking better care of my skin and body so I can age better (working on learning about long term skincare)
  13. Finish my first book
  14. Pay off all debts (saving is a big part of my thinking process these days. I spend very consciously)
  15. Volunteer abroad (December!!!!)
  16. Learn more about cars
  17. Learn to use power tools and proper DIY
  18. Buy one, true investment fashion piece, designer maybe
  19. Transition from fast fashion to slow fashion
  20. Work more diligently on my blog, make it a success. Same for Instagram and Youtube. Create a personal brand. (actively pursued every day)
  21. Eat more healthy and cook more. Make it a lifestyle thing and not a “I’m on a diet” thing. (have managed to cut down on junk food a lot, especially instant ramen which is my weakness for when I’m feeling stressed)
  22. Become an active mental health advocate (I am a Bipolar type 2 and chronic anxiety patient myself)
  23. Pray more and be more grateful
  24. Practice and improve on my photography and filming (I have started to go out once a week on excursions with my camera)
  25. Start dancing again
  26. Make CBRD (the training and development company my dad and I own) more successful and profitable
  27. Get better at the harmonica
  28. Establish a proper schedule, become a better self/time/life manager (ongoing process, you live and you learn)
  29. Spend more time with family and friends even though anxiety and depression may tell you not to, actively plan out fun activities and things to do. Make them food maybe. Food fixes everything.
  30. Learn to be kinder to myself.


If you like my list or it inspires you to make one of your own, please do let me know!

Till next post, thank you for tuning in!