Sometimes life gets hard.

Almost too hard to comprehend, too hard to understand.

You will be left to flounder in waves of confusion and helplessness, endlessly buffeted by circumstances and questions.

You will feel like you know nothing.



Yeah, i went there.

But I’m back. Not from the wall but close enough.

I had what I can only call a strange slow motion, prolonged nervous break.

I can tell you, it wasn’t fun.

I do no recommend trying it if you can avoid it.

Rate zero stars of Tripadvisor.


I just could not write.

In fact I couldn’t get myself to do much of anything worth anything,

I stagnated and then I decided to be kind to myself.

if this is what my mind and body need, i’ll give it to them, i’ll rest. I’ll let myself get past this


I only hoped my life would still be there when I got back

…and you know what? Most of it was pretty much intact.


So now as we draw closer to the new year, I’m feeling better. I cant say I have recovered fully. I cant say Ill be able to write here consistently. I cant promise I wont lose my mind again.

What I can say is that I want to try. I really do.

So here’s to trying my best.

I hope you will all stay with me.